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Rubber Flooring Finds Its Way Home 

Rubber floors are mostly for commercial settings but look great in a home gym or storage space like a garage.

Industrial Chic

Some people like the aesthetic – kind of industrial and modern – and it is popping up even in home spaces. It is now offered in a wide range of colors from primaries to softer shades as well as a range of patterns from traditional raised round dot to embossed and textured surfaces.

Among the most durable flooring options, you'll find rubber is used in commercial interiors, especially gyms, pools and wet areas, including laundry rooms.

Rubber flooring is not only recyclable, but often contains recycled content making it an environmentally friendly option.

It also makes a great DIY project since it can be installed easily. It most often comes in tile formats usually 12x12 inch although sheet rubber is also available.

- Sandy 




Traditional Raised Round rubber dot

Rubber floor

Color choices abound 


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