What Exactly is SPC Flooring

By Sandy

Posted on Friday, September 7, 2018 9:13 AM

What Exactly is SPC Flooring?

SPC flooring (solid polymer core sometimes referred to as stone polymer core, stone plastic composite, rigid core flooring or even MLF) is one of the newest better quality luxury vinyl products. They have captured consumers’ imaginations and pocketbooks with great performance, outstanding visuals and waterproof qualities. 

With all the new innovation we’re seeing in the category, there has been a confusing proliferation of formats and construction techniques that often leave consumers scratching their heads for answers. 

The term LVT has been used to describe the category overall but it now usually refers to flexible luxury vinyl flooring planks. Think of these as the entry level.

One step above is SPC, rigid core, multilayered flooring – whatever you want to call it. Based on a similar construction but with the addition of minerals such as calcium carbonate for added dimensional stability and rigidity, these floors represent the next level of product development. 

They are more resistant to denting than LVT floors and outperform most LVTs in terms of durability and wear resistance. The rigid core also prevents telegraphing subfloor imperfections. Embossing and high-definition printing make for sharp and realistic graphics, especially when coupled with longer, wider board formats. And let’s not forget its enhanced waterproof capabilities.

For these reasons, SPC floors are definitely preferred for commercial applications, although there are grades specifically designed for residential settings.

SPC floors can also generally outperform even WPC (but not always) which relies on its beauty in the form of more realistic visuals and deeper embossing, plus edge treatments to keep it comfortably at the top of the luxury vinyl flooring heap.

LVT is great; SPC is better, especially for commercial applications; WPC brings it all together offering the best of both worlds for residential settings (but perhaps not quite the same level of performance as an SPC floor). 

- Sandy


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