Soft Carpet Gets Tough

By Sandy

Posted on Monday, November 12, 2018 10:30 AM

Soft Carpet Gets Tough

We ask a lot of our carpet these days – we want it to be durable and long lasting, but we also want it to be soft and comfortable. Add stain and soil resistance, naturally. And what about pets and allergies? Any treatments for that? 

Oh, and don’t forget, it still has to look Beautiful. 

Shaw Bellera Carpet  Shaw Caress Carpet

Shaw's Bellera Charmed Hues and Ombre Whisper carpet shown above

One of carpet’s most appealing characteristics is, after all, its comfort and softness underfoot. Advanced fiber systems and treatments have made carpet even more comfortable and easy to live on – perfect for playing video games or watching movies in the family room.

At the same time, they definitely can stand up to wear and tear and have all the bells and whistles you expect from a top-performing carpet. After all, what good is soft carpet if it doesn’t last. 

Soil and Stain Resistance 

Stain resistance is common but it is not found on all carpet, especially at the lower end. Make sure yours does. Better quality goods, including today’s new soft fiber systems, do offer stain resistance. Some carpet, PET for instance, has inherent stain resistant qualities, other carpets, like nylon, require additional treatments.  


Antimicrobial treatments have come on strong in response to the desire for cleaner, healthier homes and concerns over indoor air quality. These treatments provide protection against the growth of mold and mildew and are especially good at controlling odors.

In fact, some of these have been applied to offer warrantied protection against spills and pet accidents, especially when combined with new waterproof backings.

While carpet mills have been pushing hard on the performance front, they haven’t forgotten about style and design. You can expect these softer premium carpets to offer an outstanding array of color, pattern, texture – and performance – in addition to built-in softness to the touch.

- Sandy


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