Reactive Hardwood Finishes Create Old World Looks

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Posted on Wednesday, September 11, 2019 10:05 AM


Modern Reactive Finishes Create Old World Looks in Hardwood Flooring

Today’s high-end hardwood floors rely on modern reactive finishing technology that creates visuals that you’d think are straight from the past. 

The looks that made hardwood flooring so attractive in the first place are recreated with an “Old World” charm and patina that looks authentic. These reactive finishes bring out a depth of color that give the floor more visual appeal.

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Mullican Hardwood Wexford Seabrook

These reclaimed wood effects are achieved by taking advantage of wood’s natural properties – by activating the naturally occurring tannins present in the wood, these finishes literally bring out wood’s natural beauty through an oxidative process that creates a weathered look. 

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Most of these reactive finishes rely on ammonia or other low VOC compounds already used in the manufacture of flooring so they’re proven safe. 

These high-end floors are pricey but stunning to look at. And, with today’s advanced UV-cured and aluminum oxide wear layers, you can expect great performance.

Lastly, again because this is a premium product, you’ll find wire brush effects and longer, wider board lengths that really give the look and feel you’d expect to find in a vintage floor.

Anderson Tuftex Hardwood Old World Basketweave

Perhaps the only disadvantage to choosing a reactive finish floor is that you will have a lot of variation from one plank to another. That can make it difficult to get a realistic idea of what the floor will look like in your home based on a store sample since each board is quite literally unique.

That’s why some companies are using advanced staining techniques to create the same effect. These variegated staining techniques can also create a mottled color effect but also deliver a more true-to-life store sample (so you have a better idea of what you’re actually getting).

The combination of reactive finishes, longer and wider board lengths and high-performance wear layers make these floors thoroughly modern and up to the challenges of today’s homes. At the same time, their Old-World charm has caught the attention of designers and homeowners alike. 

-- Sandy 

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Mullican Hardwood Wexford Harbor Mist 



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Hearthwoods Summer Storm

Hearthwoods FloorsCinder 


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Anderson Tuftex Hardwood Noble Hall Sovereign


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Anderson Tuftex Hardwood Kensington Queen's Gate




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Emily Morrow Home Floors Suddenly Sonoma 

Emily Morrow Home Floors Jetstream

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