Click Systems Make Flooring Installation Easier, Better

By Sandy

Posted on Sunday, July 11, 2021 8:49 AM

Click Systems Make Flooring Installation Easier

updated July 11, 2021

Click installation systems make DIY easier and better

The growing popularity of advanced click-installation systems has opened up a world of possibilities for flooring. Now available across several flooring categories, click floors make DIY projects simpler and easier while assuring better fit and performance.

Due to this, hardwood, laminate and luxury vinyl products are finding their way into more and more settings than ever before. 

It is also leading the charge for the DIY crowd (do-it-yourself). Suddenly, the idea of taking a weekend to install a new hardwood, laminate or vinyl floor is not so daunting. And the substantial savings that comes with a DIY project is very compelling since installation costs can be high for all of flooring, and even higher for hardwood. 

A shortage of qualified installers has also fueled the growth of DIY as manufacturers actively seek to make installation easier and foolproof.

- Sandy 

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