Change The Way You Decorate Your Walls With Durable, Affordable Verçade Wall Fashions

By Sandy

Posted on Thursday, November 1, 2018 8:24 AM

Change The Way You Decorate Your Walls With Durable, Affordable Verçade Wall Fashions Authentic Plank & Tile Wall Accents 

Vercade Wall Fashions

Imagine, transforming any interior wall into a fashion-forward design statement with the stunning visuals of reclaimed hardwood or natural stone – and doing it all at a budget-friendly price. 

We've found a new product that does exactly that -- Verçade Wall Fashions (pronounced Ver-sahd) is a new line of vinyl wall plank and tile that offers limitless design possibilities for interior walls in the home or office at a lower price point than natural materials.

Verçade is so easy to use and install that designers and homeowners can create their own unique fashion statement by turning any wall into a design focal point. 

Verçade Wall Fashions feature a wide range of6”x 48” planks and 12” x 24” tiles to create custom, one-of-a-kind looks in a multitude of applications. From dramatic  full-room or feature/statement walls and wainscoting to headboards and kitchen backsplashes, islands and peninsulas, Verçadeoffers texture, style and color to suit every taste.

Myriad patterns can be achieved with Verçade in both horizontal and vertical formats. Tiles can be installed in Bricklaid, Diagonal, Basketweave and Corner to Corner (horizontal and vertical) motifs, and planks in Ashlar (Horizontal and Vertical), Diagonal, Single & Double Herringbone and more. A pillowed edge detail lends a natural, realistic look and feel to each product and helps minimize the effects of imperfections in the wall.

The Verçade palette is neutral yet versatile, intended to work with a wide range of interior paint colors so it becomes an accent with a long life that works well in any interior residential or office setting. Complement dramatic statement walls with low-key surrounding paint colors, or go bold in paint and create a color-blocking effect with a more neutral Verçade pattern for a calming interior. 

Verçade is a perfect marriage of form and function in wall fashion. By using a proven vinyl surface layer over a high-performance lightweight rigid composite core, rather than being constrained by the limits of natural hardwood, Verçade can achieve wider design, color and texture variation. From a performance standpoint, Verçade is not subject to the cupping, checking or cracking that can happen with natural wood planks. 

Ease of Installation

Verçade is easily installed with roll-on adhesive, as if painting the wall, or double-stick adhesive tape. A full range of matching trim pieces are available for Inside and Outside Corners, End Cap, and Chair Rail; Verçade can also transition outside and inside corners without the need for additional trim pieces, creating a clean and finished look. 

Order Online 

Discovering and ordering Verçade online is easy. Online support at begins with the interactive Room Visualizer – for a realistic view of how Verçade products will look in a variety of settings. Consumers can choose a room scene from the photo library, which features everything from bathrooms, bedrooms and dining rooms to laundry rooms and even a “man cave.” Viewers then select from the wall plank and tile offerings by collection, pattern and application and “paint the walls” with Verçade. Saving the room scenes by project name allows for future reference, and they can be shared via social media or email with friends and family.

A calculator feature helps determine how much wall product, adhesive or tape will be needed. If moldings are required, a range of color- and style-coordinated options add the right finishing touches. Installation videos demonstrate how easy Verçade is to install, with a downloadable, clear and detailed instruction manual and simple, easy-to- follow installation videos.

Consumers can easily order Verçade samples shipped direct to their home for $2.50/sample with free shipping on

All Verçade Wall Fashions are protected by a durable ceramic bead finish and Ultra-Fresh treatment to inhibit the growth of mold and mildew. With a 4.8 mm gauge, Verçade is covered by a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

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