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Finishing Touches

Don't overlook the impact that quality accessories can have on your floor.

Sometimes it's the little things that stand out the most and in the case of flooring finishes, the little things matter quite a lot. You may not notice when things like transitions, moldings and stair runners are done right, but you'll definitely notice when done wrong. A good  retailer will guide you and help you make the right choices. It costs a little more but it is well worth it. 

Stair Runners:

These narrow carpets (often three feet wide) are perfect for hallways and staircases. They also come in a variety of styles to easily coordinate with existing flooring. Be aware of which fiber system is used since many runners are actually made of less expensive, lower-performing fibers.

Stair rods: 

Used to carpet stairs to create a distinctly formal look, stair rods come in classic styles and really lend a dramatic touch to staircases. They can be expensive though.

Stair pads: 

Provide the same basic function, at a much lower cost but are also less secure in terms of slip resistance since they generally rely on a peel-and-stick or other adhesive system. 

Floor Vents: 

With central air and heating systems that come up through the floor, no flooring job is complete without floor vents and registers. While these specialty products can be somewhat expensive, the look of a fully finished floor is worth it.

Transitions and moldings: 

These are the pieces that bridge one type of flooring to another. Available in virtually every flooring style you can think of and in various profiles, transitions give you that final finishing touch to complete your project. Without them, somehow the floor looks unfinished. 


You might consider changing out the baseboards around the room when you have your new carpet installed. 

- Sandy




carpet runner stairsStaircase with customized carpet runner 

Stair rodsStair rods

floor ventsFloor vents


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