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Laminate Flooring Is Even Better Than You Might Think

There are a lot of reasons to love laminate flooring beyond price and performance.

One of the toughest wearing floors around, this great imposter also provides outstanding visuals for virtually every décor you can imagine with designs that mimic nature and are often hard to tell from the real thing.

How do they do it? High-definition photography provides the visuals and are often taken directly from nature so even though the many of the designs you’ll see are copies of the real thing, there’s nothing fake about laminate flooring.

Made primarily of recycled wood products – high density fiberboard, a paper visual layer, an aluminum oxide or melamine wear layer and a backer board make laminate flooring a beautiful floor that can withstand lots of abuse. Those same construction features also make it environmentally friendly.

It’s one weakness: moisture. But even here, manufacturers are taking steps to make laminate flooring able to stand up to household spills and more. Today, you can feel confident using laminate in kid's rooms, family rooms, kitchens and more.

Laminate is a great product for your home that performs and looks great doing it with looks so realistic you may be the only one who knows it isn’t the “real” thing.

- Sandy  




Shaw Elations

laminate flooring

QuickStep laminate flooring 

QuickStep Verilux

Photos: Shaw Floors, Armstrong Flooring and QuickStep
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