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Pattern Library

When we talk about pattern in ceramic and porcelain tile, we’re really talking about two types. First is the pattern on the face of the tile itself. With manufacturers adding texture and pattern to tile surfaces, combined with high-definition printing, the visuals are simply outstanding.

Floor Layout

But there’s also the pattern you make when you lay the tile – from checkerboards of contrasting colors, herringbone designs, staggered, crosswise patterns, the list goes on. You can create anything and everything from multi-colored patterns to custom designs. 

Floor patterns can be used to create a visual illusion that directs the eye to specific focal points; a strong directional pattern can make a room look longer; pattern can also be used to unify two separate rooms or to divide one larger room into discrete areas.

Grout Lines

The thickness of the grout lines also adds a visual dimension to the floor than can be adjusted to suit your style and preference. For example, a narrow grout line has a more contemporary feel. A wider grout joint feels more rustic.

- Sandy


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