Why Vinyl Is So Hot Right Now

By Sandy

Posted on Thursday, August 17, 2017 6:30 AM

Why is Vinyl So Hot Right Now?

Something happened to vinyl flooring when we weren’t looking.

updated 12/20/2018

Luxury Vinyl LVT

Well known as the workhorse of flooring for its ability to stand up to dirt, grime, scratches and scuffs, today, new luxury vinyl flooring has seen significant improvements. Look for increased dimensional stability and dent resistance, enhanced performance wear layers, a variety of formats and installation options, and now, waterproofing.

But that’s not the real story behind vinyl’s transformation. Like the ugly duckling, vinyl somehow grew into a beautiful swan. And it’s name is Luxury Vinyl or LVT.

Luxury vinyl – whether tile (LVT), plank (LVP), WPC, SPC or MLF (I’ll explain later) – has brought style and design to new heights with a level of realism previously unattainable in vinyl.

They look so good, in fact, that you’ll find vinyl is breaking the bonds that kept it chained to kitchens and baths and is finding its way into other rooms in the home.

LVT flooringCoretec

Armstrong Vivero  COREtec 

LVT FloorteMannington Adura

Sha'ws Floorté LVT Mannington Adura 

Those improved visuals are the direct result of advances in technology – high-definition printing and embossed in-register techniques that allow it to convincingly resemble many natural materials such as wood, stone and tile.

Combine the two – new fantastic visuals and unbeatable performance. Now you know why luxury vinyl flooring is so hot right now and for a long time to come.

- Sandy



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