What Is Engineered Stone Flooring

By Sandy

Posted on Tuesday, September 4, 2018 9:32 AM

Making Sense Of Engineered Stone Flooring 

What looks like stone, acts like stone, is real stone but not quite stone?

Welcome to the confusing world of engineered stone flooring. 

engineered stone flooring

These products have the look and feel of real stone because they are real stone – usually anywhere from 92% to 96%. Agglomerate or resin agglomerated stone is actually a manmade product mostly made of stone and/or aggregates in a resin binder that holds it all together. 

Right now, their use in residential interiors is limited but consumers are finding themselves drawn to the product’s natural beauty. Combined with better pricing than natural stone, these tile products perform as well as real stone, and in some cases are superior because of the resin that can be formulated to resist scratches and stains. While moisture resistant, they are not recommended for wet areas.

As easy to install as ceramic tile, it could even make for a DIY project, but check carefully for the proper adhesives and installation materials. 

-- Sandy 

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