Water-Resistant Laminate is Here

By Sandy

Posted on Friday, September 29, 2017 5:59 AM

Water-Resistant Laminate is Here

updated April 26, 2018

Laminate Flooring has always had one major weakness - it is highly susceptible to moisture, especially spills that sit too long. But not any more.

That's because many new laminate floors provide 24-, 48-, and even 72-hour warrantied protection against sitting spills as well as waterproof coreboard treatments that make them practically impervious to moisture.

Plus, there are underlayments specifically for laminate flooring that not only help with sound absorption (highly recommended) but also provide a vapor barrier to keep moisture at bay. One that I know of relies on the same technology used in children’s diapers to absorb and contain any moisture.

The simple fact is that most laminate floors require cutting to fit the last piece into place to complete the floor; that can leave the inner core board completely exposed and unprotected against any water that seeps over the edge of the floor. But with today's waterproof cores, that is no longer an issue.

Water can still seep under the floor where it can cause all sorts of problems, including subfloor damage and mold. But for most day-to-day events - spills, pet accidents and leaks - today's water-resistant and waterproof laminate floors are up to the task.

- Sandy

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