LVT, WPC, Rigid Core

By Sandy

Posted on Sunday, July 2, 2017 6:12 PM

LVT/P, WPC, SPC - What the ...?

updated January 1, 2019

You’re not the only one who can’t make sense of the alphabet soup of luxury vinyl flooring options. But no matter by what name it goes by, luxury vinyl is a big winner.

Here's how to make sense of it all:


LVT (luxury vinyl tile) and LVP (luxury vinyl plank) feature improved wear layers, high-definition visuals and embossing techniques added to vinyl flooring's already powerful performance story which make it a favorite among consumers. LVT is usually installed fully adhered to the subfloor and may telegraph subfloor imperfections.

Luxury vinyl LVT WPC SPC MLF Congoleum Duraceramic

Luxury vinyl LVT WPC SPC MLF Earthwerks Park Hill WPC


SPC Rigid Core

Rigid Core Vinyl, now referred to as SPC (solid polymer core) or MLF (multilayered flooring), improves upon LVT often using a denser vinyl substrate or by combining vinyl with minerals such as calcium carbonate for a rigid, water proof core that provides increased dimensional stability. This also gives it superior dent resistance and is often combined with enhanced wear layers to protect against scuffs and staining. It is most often installed as a floating floor. Click locking systems benefit from rigid's increased thickness for an even easier installation. There is a trade off though: It's solid core prevents deeper embossing found in other luxury vinyl floors. Rigid core MLF is especially popular in multi-family housing and commercial settings for its enhanced performances.

Coretec Luxury vinyl LVT WPC SPC MLF Coretec WPC

Luxury vinyl LVT WPC SPC MLF Hallmark Flooring Hermosa Stone 


WPC (wood plastic composite) also boasts superior dent resistance and a rigid, water resistant core. Not as resistant to dents as rigid core products, WPC does offer a level of comfort underfoot that other luxury vinyl floors can't match as well as additional sound and thermal insulation qualities, especially when combined with the enhanced backing layers found in better products. Because of how it's made, WPC also delivers the high-quality visuals and deep embossing you won't find in rigid core products, although the more traditional LVT's feature nearly the same visual benefit (but not quite). Here as well, WPC's thicker profile allows for click locking systems and a floating floor installation. WPC is typically the most expensive of the luxury vinyl offerings for its ability to balance beauty and performance. 

LVT WPC Rigid Core flooring Cleo Home LVT

Luxury vinyl LVT WPC SPC MLF Shaw Floorté LVT

Call it what you will, there’s a reason luxury vinyl is so popular today. Great looks, superior performance, water proof and easy installation. Luxury vinyl has it all!

- Sandy 

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