Ceramic Tile – What You Can Expect to Pay

By Sandy

Posted on Tuesday, September 26, 2017 6:20 AM

 Ceramic Tile – What You Can Expect to Pay

How Much for a Ceramic Tile Floor? It Depends

The average ceramic/porcelain tile floor should run about $2,200*, which is quite affordable considering the performance, beauty and customized design possibilities it offers.

Of course, you can spend several thousand on better quality ceramic and porcelain tile flooring: I’ve seen individual tiles range in price from under a dollar at your typical home center to upwards of $30 for specialty goods.

Two primary factors explain why – in spite of this huge price divide – ceramic tile remains as affordable as it is:

1) The size of the spaces it is used in – most often kitchens and baths. While these two rooms are both high on the list for remodeling projects, they don’t command much square footage which keeps the average price down; and,

2) A flood of low-end product and aggressive pricing (especially at home centers that target the DIY market).

Especially for products with high installation costs, choosing better quality goods may be the smart move. After all, it costs the same to install cheap tile as it does expensive tile and often the price difference may not be as large as you imagine.

A word about installation:

While ceramic tile has become very popular as a DIY project, it can be quite technical. For simple jobs, yes, you can indeed do it yourself. More complex installs may require professional installation.

* According to a 2017 survey of US and Canadian specialty flooring retailers.

- Sandy


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