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Bathrooms with Style

Whether it's for a fancy master bathroom suite or a half bath down the hall, a well appointed bathroom adds value to your home.

A favorite upgrade or add on, flooring will often define the style for these utilitarian spaces.

Ceramic Tile

First choice for bathrooms is ceramic tile. Yes, a lot of that has to do with the fact that ceramic is already featured in most bathrooms and that it offers an incredible array of style and design options that no other flooring can match. And don't forget ceramic’s unparalleled performance, especially in wet spaces.

Ceramic is, for all those reasons, the number one choice for bathrooms even though it can be quite expensive.

Right now, black and white is big, as are wood and stone looks. And there’s a definite move toward large format tiles that lend a touch of drama to even smaller spaces. There is a resurgence of subway tile offerings as well as new interest in hexagons.

As well, ceramic can be a bit cold so this is one place where you might consider radiant heating systems – to go with your fancy towel warmer.

LVT/P, WPC and Vinyl

Whether it’s sheet vinyl, LVT, WPC or even rigid core, these floors also work exceptionally well in areas where moisture is present; some are even waterproof. That’s what makes vinyl, in particular luxury vinyl, the number two choice for bathrooms.

You certainly won’t have to give up style and design to have a functional yet Beautiful Floor. With realistic visuals that mimic stone, ceramic tile and hardwood, you can have any “look” you want. 

And, all vinyl products offer something for these spaces that no other floor can – a little bit of “give” underfoot that could make a big difference in case of a fall.


A reluctant number three for baths and only because some manufacturers now offer water resistance. For optimum protection, you way want to completely seal your floor around the edges of the room to protect against water damage.

Frankly, that’s the only way I would use laminate in these spaces.


While technically engineered hardwood can perform in the spaces, I wouldn't risk. Over time, it will surely show the cumulative signs of water damage.

- Sandy 


Aparici Bondi ceramic tile

Aparici Bondi porcelain tile 


Congoleum LVT flooring

Congoleum Duraceramic LVT


Ceramic tile Shaw ceramic tile 


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