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The Timeless Appeal of Area Rugs

Area rugs have been around since man first learned to weave, making them a staple in homes around the world and throughout the millennia.

From classic, old-world elegance to modern-inspired graphics and geometrics, an area rug can instantly change the dynamic of any room.

Often used to define spaces within a larger room, area rugs have one unique advantage no other flooring product offers: By simply changing the rug, you can redefine the entire look of the room. And you can do it as often as you like.

A Change of Season

Spring is in the air?

Bring that spring freshness into your home with a floral motif.

Summer heating things up?

 Let cool, ocean inspired blues wash over you for a breath of fresh air.

Falling for Autumn?

Harvest the deeper, richer colors of fall.

Winter cold?

Time to make it all cozy and warm.

Don’t Be Such a Square

Area rugs come in a variety of sizes from more traditional rectangles, to circles, ovals, squares, narrow runners and even customized shapes.

Custom Rug Programs

And customization doesn’t stop there: Today, many major carpet manufacturers offer you custom-design opportunities to transform an ordinary piece of carpet into something uniquely yours.

- Sandy




area rug Mohawk Radiance rug 

A classic Kirman from Karastan

Momeni Bliss

Nourison Global Awakening




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